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The View Restaurant at the New York Marriott Marquis

47th floor
1535 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

near 45th Street

Reservations can be made online at
or phone: 212-704-8900



If you're interested in dinner at The View instead of Sunday Brunch, here are their dinner hours:

Tuesday: 5pm-10pm
Wednesday: 5:30pm-10pm
Thursday: 5:30pm-10pm
Friday: 5:30pm-11:30pm
Saturday: 5pm-11:30pm
Sunday: 5:30pm-10pm
Monday: 5:30pm-10pm


Dress code: Smart casual, such as dress jeans.

View Restaurant Group Dining

The View at the Marriott can handle Sweet 16 parties, wedding receptions, company dinners or whatever you have in mind.

Three-course meal and drink packages also available for your group.

For any special occasions for groups of 2 and up to 15, contact Restaurant Reservations at 212-704-8900 or

For groups of 16 or more, contact their Special Events Department, at 212-704-8890.






Putting a Unique Spin on Dining

Restaurants, Revolving

Sunday Brunch at The View, Marriott's Revolving Restaurant in Times Square (New York City)

By Caitlin Doherty — February 7, 2011

In January, 2011, I journeyed to Manhattan to investigate what was rumored to be a fantastic Sunday Brunch at the “The View” restaurant, on the 47th floor of the Marriott Hotel on Times Square. (Our editor-in-chief, Richard Grigonis, a fan of revolving restaurants, also went there and wrote the architectural review that accompanies this article.)


Caitlin Doherty, our pizza-ologist and fun eatery connoisseur, takes on the magnficient sunday brunch at "the view," marriot's revolving restaurant on the 47th floor of their hotel on times square. Her review? "Yum." (Photo © richard grigonis.)

The View is New York’s only revolving rooftop restaurant, which puts a unique spin (pun intended) on its contemporary American and Continental dining. The stunning, ever-changing skyscraper views probably look even better in the evening, when the buildings have their lights on.

In any case, the Sunday Brunch lived up to its reputation. After being seated at a window table when the restaurant opened at 10:30 a.m., I got up and began to walk in a big arc, counterclockwise along the circumference of the restaurant, passing three big food stations. Each station is set up with food in almost the sequence that you would eat it. It’s really clever.


Hot brunch items discussed in the article were under these sliding covered containers. prime rib, waffles and omelet station is in the background. (Photo © richard grigonis.)

Starting with the appetizers, the pastries and croissants were terrific—crispy and flakey on the outside, soft and buttery inside. Likewise, the Danish was nice and flakey, and as for their sweetness, my sweet tooth approved. The orange juice was fresh, flavorful and at just the right temperature. I tried a muffin and roll with a salad, then went back for a miniature bagel, piece of flat bread and some cream cheese, all of which were fine too. The ever-popular brushetta and little cups of poached shrimp are available (with watercress and horseradish dressing), as is more substantial fare such as smoked chicken, shredded Serrano ham, and various Mediterranean cured meats, hummus, tabbouleh salad and sun-dried tomatoes. focused on the chicken and ham, and could have made a respectable meal out of just the appetizers.


The fabulous prime rib of beef station. It has some of the best prime rib can you an fine anywhere, and it's served here as a part of brunch!
(Photo © richard grigonis.)

The main course selections include glistening Eggs Benedict (I sampled a bit with some maple bacon), and a really great combination of chicken and apple sausage, which is quite light and not too sweet; its texture is not like any of the heavy, greasy, store-bought sausages I can think of, thank goodness. This is definitely too good for anyone to waste on something like a stuffing. I then speared a single cheese tortellini coated in lobster sauce, finding it tender but chewy, not too soft, just right.

I didn’t try the asparagus, though it did look good. Surprisingly, even the corn succotash, which I’m normally served as a Tex-Mex kind of item, came across as something classy. At home it would have gone great with mashed potatoes, but the roasted potatoes here, served with peppers and onion, were even better.


next to the prime rib serving area is the waffles area (center of photo) and a fellow seen here who will make any kind of omelet for you that you can imagine. (Photo © richard grigonis.)

The roasted salmon with cannellini beans and lemon vinaigrette was an inviting dish, but I was starting to get full. However, I made it a point to save room for a really spectacular item, the prime rib of beef.

There, sitting on a platter, warmed to perfection under the hot lights, was a slab of perfect prime rib. This prime rib was just begging to be devoured. I had the fellow manning the station carve me a slice. It was incredible, succulently sublime. I probably could have cut it with a fork, but I was too busy enjoying myself to perform the experiment. It was better than prime rib entrees I’ve had for dinner in other restaurants where beef is the main attraction.


cheese cake, carrot cake, colorful triangular and other pastries, fruit cups (upper right) and cookies (upper left) adorn the middle dessert food station. what does doherty have to say about this? another big "Yum." (Photo © richard grigonis.)

Next to the prime rib is a little sub-station where they will prepare a customized omelet for you. Too bad my father hadn’t accompanied me that day, as he loves omelets, especially western-type ones. He would have loved pondering all of the ingredient combinations.


I must admit that it was difficult suppressing my sweet tooth at The View’s Sunday Brunch. The word “myriad” was invented for such a collection of fabulous dessert fare.  Cheeses, fruit compotes, a running chocolate fountain, marshmallows, miniature pastries, little cheesecakes, cookies and all other confections of every shape, size and color are laid out before you in all their glory.


The view also has little parfaits and other similar delights. It's quite difficult to choose. You've just got to sample them all... (Photo © richard grigonis.)

Everything I sampled was excellent. In particular the little cheesecakes and amusing, colorful triangular pastries were very, very good. (As for the chocolate fountain, I tend to avoid all of them because of the amount of oil they add to the chocolate to make it flow like water.)


Chocolate fountain, strawberries, marshmallows, chocolates, more sweets, and everything you would want to dip in chocolate. (Photo © richard grigonis.)

Since it was almost noon (and in the spirit of eatery investigation) I topped off the meal with The View’s own $19.95 signature drink, “The View Fizz.” It consists of Smirnoff vodka, mango puree, Hiram Walker mango schnapps, fresh lime juice, topped with Mumm Cuvee sparkling wine and a dash of Clinton Vineyard Cassis. (I also suspect there’s something peachy in there, too.)


The view's own drink, called the view fizz. It's made from Smirnoff vodka, mango puree, Hiram Walker mango schnapps, fresh lime juice, topped with Mumm Cuvee sparkling wine and a dash of Clinton Vineyard Cassis. (though we believe this brunch version had some peach in it, too.) (Photo © richard grigonis.)

All in all, The View’s Sunday Brunch was an impressive dining experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting or living in New York. End-of-article dingbat



Caitlin Doherty is Interesting America's pizza-ologist and fun eatery afficionado. She also likes fun places to visit when she can find the time. A New Jersey native, she is a pharmacy technician for a hospital.


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